Sunday, August 15, 2010

It has been along time!

Oh my how time flies! I apologize for being gone so long! I will be updating my blog in the next few days.

Early Summer started out with a lot of garden work. My garden is my other pallet. My flowers are my pigments. The soil my medium. My flowers are my soul and inspiration.

However a very painful injury to my shoulder knocked me down for weeks! My right arm was all but useless. So frustrating! All better now. I just can't run out and work as hard as I did 30 years ago it seems!

After some issues with our Mothers' health my husband and I have just been playing catch up with life. Getting a few small and large projects marked off my never ending list.

Gave my kitchen a little updating. So pretty now. I'll post after pictures soon.

Pictures of the garden also. Got a little behind on it.. Every year I say I must cut back and edit my plants. Then I dig, divide, transplant and find something new....

I will start my blogging promise with a picture of one of my lilies, "Vemeer" Enjoy!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watercolor, Teasing Brother

This is a recent watercolor I completed a few months ago. I entered it in the 52nd Juried Spring Exhibition at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

I was thrilled it was juried into the show and that it received "Best Portrait" It feels so good to have my art recognized!

I am so grateful for the photographer, Nina de Villeneuve, for graciously giving me me permission to use her photo as a reference! I just had to paint these children!